Benefits of ISO 9001

What Makes it so Important?

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard which provides a very practical and implementable system for quality management. The standard is designed in such a manner that any organization which wants to be ISO 9001 certified would have to take steps that would help in a sizeable improvement in the organization’s efficiency. The standard has a lot of advantages and benefits for organizations and these benefits are the reason why ISO 9001 certification is so important. Here are the major benefits of the standard for your organization.

Increased Effectiveness, Productivity and Revenue

The ISO 9001 standard compliance requires the organizations to take steps which will result in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire company. There are a number of clauses in the standard which press for taking steps to highlight the deficiencies and to reduce the costs.

With steps that bring the organization in compliance with the standard, the company would become efficient in its approach. Once this happens, there will be an obvious increase in the company’s productivity. Increased productivity will result in more revenue and profit generation as the areas which were leaking money would be fixed as a result of steps taken to comply with the standard.

Improved Customer Service

Compliance with ISO 9001 standard leads to increase in productivity which results in:

  • Lesser number of defects in products
  • On-time delivery of services
  • Improve in quality of services

To state it in simple words, it improves the kind of customer service the company provides to its customers.

Increased Customer Acquisition

There are a number of customers who just won’t do business with your organization unless it becomes ISO 9001 certified. This means that if your organization is not ISO 9001 certified you would be missing out on a large customer base. By taking steps to bring your organization in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards, you would get the chance to cater your services to a broader customer base as there won’t be anyone who would not use your company just on the basis of non-presence of ISO 9001 certification.

It's obvious that once your organization will get ISO 9001 certified it would spread a positive word about your company which might attract more customers to your business too.

Improved Customer Retention

Customer feedback and satisfaction is given a lot of importance in the ISO 9001 standard. The standard advocates for a model where the client feedback would be consistently monitored in order to bring changes in the company’s management style so as to improve in areas which left the customer disappointed. Once this approach will be adopted by your organization, you would be able to impress your clients a lot more and this would eventually lead to improved customer retention.

Enhanced Reputation

Since ISO 9001 is a globally accepted standard, compliance with it leads to a positive word about the company. This improves the reputation of the company within its market.