IAF Expected Outcomes

IAF or International Accreditation Forum is a global association having national accreditation bodies of 49 countries as its members. It is an internationally recognized body that offers companies the chance to get ISO 9001 certification after being audited by one of its member accreditation bodies. Although ISO does not have any control over these accreditation bodies, it has come up with voluntary international standards which clarify the requirements that accreditation bodies have to fulfil in order to audit and certify a company's quality management system. To enhance the value of the accreditation certification, the IAF and ISO have both identified certain outcomes which are to be expected as a result of ISO 9001 certification.

Outcomes of ISO 9001 Certification

The following are the expected outcomes of ISO 9001 certification that have been supported by both IAF and ISO.

  • The organization has been successful in implementing a quality management system that is functioning effectively and is appropriate for its products or services.
  • The organization is well aware of the pertinent regulatory and statutory requirements associated with its products and at the same time knows about the expectations and needs of its customers.
  • The organization ensures the specification of product characteristics so that they fulfill statutory/regulatory and customer requirements.
  • The organization has figured out the processes which are required for enhancing customer satisfaction and producing conforming products and is managing them too.
  • The organization has made sure that it has the resources available which are necessary for the operation and monitoring of these procedures.
  • The organization controls and monitors the defined characteristics of the product.
  • The organization tries to limit the chance of nonconformities and has come up with systematic improvement processes for analyzing the reasons for the nonconformity and then correcting them.
  • The organization has come up with an effective management review and internal audit process.
  • The organization is working towards continuous improvement of its quality management system.

Misconceptions about ISO 9001 Certification

There are a number of misconceptions in the minds of the people regarding the ISO 9001 certification. People think that if an organization has achieved ISO 9001 certification then all of its products it produces will conform to one another. Although it is a goal that a company having ISO 9001 certification must pursue, it is not what the certification is about. The certification merely provides the customers the confidence that the organization is capable of achieving 100% product conformity because of its quality management system. Moreover, ISO 9001 certification in no way means that the products of the company are certified by ISO or are superior to the products of other companies.